Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ways to explore, nurture and expand psychic ability!

All of us born with intimate psychic abilities. Many people learn to overlook these abilities as they continually nurture and see the world in different ways or perspectives. Anyone can unlock their psychic abilities and begin to harness their awesome powers.

It is true that everyone of us has psychic abilities and extrasensory or see clearly the passive energy that lies in our environment. We depend on this abilities even without realizing that this abilities can be improve and manage to used for potential usage. But most of the time, we are unaware of this potential abilities that we have our right in our fingertips.

As much as it is true that we all have these abilities, just like any gift or abilities, these talents remain dormant until they are developed and expand through means of practice and exercises. As you develop your psychic abilities you will discover your strengths and weaknesses. It's important to develop all of the psychic abilities as all of them have the potential to expand and grow. Also, you may find with a little work, what was once considered your weakest abilities can become an extraordinarily talent and unlock your true potential.

Here are some ways to expand, explore and nurture your psychic abilities:

First is try to visualize all the unseen things that ordinary people can't, like lucky guessing or seeing or feeling the of a person aura while you are closing your eyes. This will increase your accuracy dramatically as your practice these exercise. And this may also help you to develop
intuition and precognition which is part of clairvoyant abilities.

Second is try to stand to a park and visualize who is the first people who will look at you. This exercise is also same as the first one as you can see, this will help you develop and progress your abilities and intuition by physically connecting with others.

Third when you are watching a competition or sporting events try to tell your self the outcome of the said sports or events before it starts. This exercise will help you to expand your abilities by judging using your strong intuition and precognition, this will likely makes a close proximity to your judgment.

Fourth, when your friends rolling a dice or playing a card. Begin by telling the outcome of dice or by the playing cards before it starts, this will help you to see numbers and increase you ability by means of clairvoyance and test your esp.

Fifth, the last exercise for the basics of knowing your abilities, try to write names and faces of a people that will have a communication or interactions with that day. Don't use your logic, just clear your mind and close your eyes for a while and try to draw there faces and write their names and these persons will come to you naturally. This exercise will help you to boost your accuracy to predict, that makes your ability more complex and greater in response. Also this exercise help you build the so called telepathy and your ability to connect with others physically and mentally.

The above ways and exercises are just the basics of discovering your psychic abilities. This are promptly effective to people who have enough courage to face the consequences of their abilities and expanding it to the next level of the so called “psychic abilities”.


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Jeremiah - Psychic Advisor said...


As is commonly known in Metaphysical circles, all future events are governed by 3 principals: Fate, Karma and Free Will.

Fate is something that is more or less set in stone. It is not negotiable. Fate is what many religious people would refer to as “God’s Will” since they perceive God’s will to be separate from their own. They often fail to see that they are extensions of the Divine - manifestations of the God within.

For a Psychic, Fate is the easiest thing for us to read. However, when hired to perform metaphysical services, Fate is unbendable.

Karma is a whole other matter entirely. Karma, contraray to recent popular belief, has little or nothing to do with morality. Rather, Karma is simply the Universal Law of cause and effect. Whatsoever you project into the Universe will be reflected right back at you.

Because the life of a Soul extends beyond the continuous cycle of physical birth and death, actions and their subsequent consequences follow you from one lifetime to the next. From a Psychic’s point of view, Karma is a often a pattern - and a rather predictable one at that. A good Psychic Advisor will understand Karmic patterns and will be able to help you to change these cycles to your advantage.

It cannot be overemphasized the importance of achieving and maintaining good Karma for leading a happy, healthy and productive life. Your Karma is like your engine - keep it clean and keep it running strong.

Bad Karma is one of the worst curses a being can endure. If you find that this is your problem, I would urge you to address it now before the cycle gets worse.
Karma is a powerful force in the trajectory of your life. Getting your Karma right is of the upmost importance in changing negative patterns and living a healthy spiritual life filled with the abundance of all that is good, positive and fulfilling.
So I’ve briefly covered Fate and Karma, but what about Free Will?

Free Will:

There are essentially two types of consciousness - Individual and Collective. The Collective is greater than the sum of all Indivial Consciousnesses. The Individual consciousness emmanates from the Collective. It is supported by the Collective, but it also informs the Collective.

What does this mean? In other words, your own state of mind affects the world around you. You have a huge amount of influence.

Although recent phenomenon in pop culture such as “The Secret” tends to exagerrate, over-simplify and become fixated on greed as the meaning of life - the main thrust, the underlying fundamental idea is actually correct. The Law of Attraction. The power of the mind, i.e. “Free Will” is so much greater than most people will ever know.

Your thoughts not only affect how you perceive reality, but how you actually create reality. Life is subject to certain factors which are outside of your control. There are Laws to the Universe. There are ways that the planet seems to be structured which are often inalterable.

But even so, the power of your mind is so potent that, in spite of so many factors and forces of opposition, you truly are The Master of Your Own Destiny.

Jeremiah - Psychic Advisor

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